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Lorient headquarters of the Compagnie des Indes (from Nantes, Rennes or Brest)

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L'Orient becomes Lorient: a city open to the ocean

Lorient, originally known as L’Orient, emerged as a significant maritime hub. It was the departure point for some of the world’s greatest transoceanic crossings, playing a crucial role in global trade and naval power.

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A condensed history

Dive into the rich history of French naval power in the 17th and 18th centuries. Lorient’s evolution reflects France’s ambition to dominate the seas and expand its influence across the globe.

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Unique situations

Witness the genius of Vauban, who developed the city’s infrastructure, and Colbert, who founded the Compagnie des Indes in 1664. Their contributions helped establish Lorient as a central player in maritime trade and military strategy.

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The East India Company and victories

Learn about the East India Company’s ships that sailed the seas, bringing immense prosperity to France during the reigns of Louis XIV and Louis XV. The company’s success stories are integral to understanding Lorient’s historical significance.

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Our comprehensive package includes:

  • Enjoy a comfortable transfer by van from major stations and airports in Nantes, Rennes, or Brest for up to 4 adults. Our professional driver ensures a seamless start to your journey.
  • All our tours are flexible and can be tailored to meet your specific interests and preferences. Contact us at +33 972 102 101 to customize your tour and make it even more exceptional.

More informations

For a deeper understanding of Lorient’s historical significance, visit the Compagnie des Indes Museum. This museum offers a comprehensive look at the history and impact of the East India Company, featuring artifacts, documents, and exhibits that tell the story of Lorient’s maritime heritage.

For more tour options and to plan other visit, please check out official website.

Day program

8:30 - Departure from Nantes, Rennes or Brest

Meeting point in front of Nantes train station or your hotel.


10:00 - Before the Orient was Port-Louis

Louis XIV commissioned Vauban to redevelop the Citadelle to develop trade with the Orient.

Blavet borrows its name from the sovereign and becomes Port-Louis. Guided tour of the Musée de la Compagnie des Indes, in Port Louis. Rich collections of objects, fabrics, porcelain and ivory brought back by sailors.


12:00 - Gastronomic lunch

Departure for Lomener, a small port on the Atlantic coast, opposite the Citadel.

Tasting of Breton lobster washed down with the famous Ruinard champagne. You'll be staying at Le Vivier restaurant.


14:30 - Departure for Lorient and discovery of the harbor

Pass through Larmor-Plage to discover the Citadelle on the other side of the Blavet and understand how the port of L'Orient was established in 1666.

Visit the Enclos du Port, overlooking the town.

Discovery tour, mills of the Compagnie des Indes bakery, Hôtel Gabriel.How L'Orient became Lorient.....


17/17:30 - Departure for Nantes, Rennes or Brest

You walk along the Quai des Indes, where ships used to unload their cargoes.


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