_our “live” app’s

A window on the world

Developed for Android and iOS systems, they are available in most of the world’s languages.
Our roll-out schedule calls for the main French cities to be open by the end of 2020.

Order your D&B from abroad!

We know who you are!
From John F. Kennedy International Airport, order your race or day trip directly from your flight to Nantes, Rennes or Bordeaux.

Real-time tracking

Your reservation is validated and tracked by our dispatchers.
You can also follow it on your smartphone before boarding, and let yourself be lulled aboard the flagships of French and international aviation.

Welcome to France!

Remove your smartphone’s airplane mode and find out where your D&B vehicle is!
Rest assured: 6,700 runs completed and 100% of passengers taken care of!
Our company is ready to meet your requirements!
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Android application
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